Chris is a lecturer in the School of Interactive Games & Media at RIT.  Focusing primarily on game programming, Chris teaches a course in practical graphics programming for games, as well as several introductory programming courses.  He has also written a course on the history and design of Magic the Gathering.

(Yes, this is a little sparse right now.  Have some Twitter below to see what I’m up to!)

Only 5 spots left! Take my Intro to Game Development class at @RocBrainery on July 17th! We'll be using Construct 3 (a game engine that runs in-browser) to make a basic platformer. VixOrien photo

I had to dig into the Deadfire string database to check on a thing, and it opened to Llengrath's Forgotten Sanctum file, and

that's a 7,000 word conversation file y'all
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Holy shit. If you’re not watching Barry on HBO, you should be.

It’s, like, super good.
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Heading home from an awesome vacation that seemed to fly by. We picked up a few souvenirs, but none as incredible as this Squeekie tattoo by Mike Groves (AKA @poopbird).

A week later and I still can’t stop staring at it 🤩 Thanks again!
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first, there's not the thing
then, you make the thing and now it exists

is it any good???? who the fuck knows!!! enjoy!!!!!!