Chris is a lecturer in the School of Interactive Games & Media at RIT.  Focusing primarily on game programming, Chris teaches a course in practical graphics programming for games, as well as several introductory programming courses.  He has also written a course on the history and design of Magic the Gathering.

(Yes, this is a little sparse right now.  Have some Twitter below to see what I’m up to!)

Me writing about rendering skyboxes for class: "size doesn't matter, it's about the depth" VixOrien photo
Teaching low level graphics APIs and my students be like VixOrien photo
Going to be talking about realtime raytracing in my advanced graphics class so I built a little C++ raytracer in class today.

Started w/ a little D3D11 app that just chucks a grid of pixels at the back buffer each frame so we could fly around live. Worked pretty well as a demo!
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When it's after midnight and the alignment is killing you VixOrien photo