Chris is a lecturer in the School of Interactive Games & Media at RIT.  Focusing primarily on game programming, Chris teaches a course in practical graphics programming for games, as well as several introductory programming courses.  He has also written a course on the history and design of Magic the Gathering.

(Yes, this is a little sparse right now.  Have some Twitter below to see what I’m up to!)

I want society's reaction to people who sleep <5 hrs a night to be less admiring and more on par with their reaction to people who only eat ramen for dinner

it is the same hat

I saw this #dnd adventure writing contest a few months back and decided to give it a shot. My submission, β€œLike a Fish Out of Water”, was chosen as the best dungeon adventure!

Check it out for 47 rad, Saltmarsh-adjacent adventures.

Huge shout out to @MTBlack2567 for organizing!
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M.T. Black @MTBlack2567
Out now! The Lonely Scroll Adventure Contest: Saltmarsh - check out some of the industry's new voices and rising stars. Just $2.95! #dmsguild #dnd

At least I'm prepped for next week already! 🀞🀞 VixOrien photo

Finally completed a mini I’ve been meaning to paint almost all summer. I’m always so worried about picking the wrong colors that I put off even starting

In the end, I experimented with some new techniques, learned a lot from it and it became one of my favorites

So, you know...
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I like my Star Wars memes how I like my Game of Thrones memes: Embedded in The Office memes
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OneWithTheForthTheForthIsWithMe @RebeccaForth
I'm really tired, so this is EXTRA hilarious.