Chris is a lecturer in the School of Interactive Games & Media at RIT.  Focusing primarily on game programming, Chris teaches a course in practical graphics programming for games, as well as several introductory programming courses.  He has also written a course on the history and design of Magic the Gathering.

(Yes, this is a little sparse right now.  Have some Twitter below to see what I’m up to!)

I wanted a regular silicone case - not “liquid silicone”, “gel rubber” or TPU - for my phone. Apparently that’s hard to find these days, so I turned to eBay.

The cases I found are, in a word, GLORIOUS
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Hello friends! We wanted to share that we have reopened our Summer Internship Program!

Come check out the available positions and see answers to some frequently asked questions, like "Are these paid internships?" (Answer, they are!)

Details here:
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Booted up Animal Crossing for the first time in months. Time for “Operation: Fuck All These Flowers” VixOrien photo

me: *explains merging code and resolving conflicts*

students: this seems hard, it should just work like google docs

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