Chris is a lecturer in the School of Interactive Games & Media at RIT.  Focusing primarily on game programming, Chris teaches a course in practical graphics programming for games, as well as several introductory programming courses.  He has also written a course on the history and design of Magic the Gathering.

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Okay, so here is a small chunk of a normal map texture. this is a classic mistake new artists make. The fine textures you see are baked in.

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April is coming in way late but still cute

incidentally, ✨ we're still looking for narrative designers for our upcoming RPGs! ✨ we like to see experience w/ branching narrative and dialogue w/ strong character voice and real human emotion grounded in the character's personal history and beliefs.

May the Fourth Be With You.

Look familiar? This is the handle of a Graflex 3-Cell Flash Unit, which just so happened to be the inspiration for Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber.
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"The movie Richie Rich was post-Home-Alone but pre-Post-Malone"

Class is getting punchy in the last week

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